1. You’ve arrived and finally got your tent up (hooray!) only to find that the tensioner on the guy rope is broken. Never fear! Use a ring pull off a can to fix this!

can ring pull

2. Keep your tent cooler in the summer by using an emergency foil blanket to reflect the sun.

fire blanket

3. Maximise on storage space in your campervan, put plastic containers in unused spaces to keep clothes or supplies in.


4. Thread an upturned cupcake case on a straw. It stops wasps from getting into drinks.

cupacke drinks

5. For those who love organisation, use a hanging storage system to keep your campsite tidy! organiser
6. So you’ve made it here, your tent is up, you’ve had a pint at The Petrol Head, it’s all good. But then you realise that you forgot your speakers! Don’t panic, improvise with two plastic cups and a loo roll! There you go, it’s a good excuse to have that second pint as well!
7. For a healthy snack during long car journeys, put together a salad in a drinks cup with a lid, place a fork in the top and you’re ready to hand them out en route! salad
8. The lantern was left behind! Don’t worry, put together a makeshift light using a head torch and an empty bottle (it doesn’t have to be a milk bottle) and water. It does the job nicely!
milk bottle light
9. Another savvy camping light…place a solar powered garden light in an upturned pot to illuminate an evening gathering around the camp. (Make sure that the light has been charging during the day)solar light
10. Pack efficiently and you’ll be able to fit so much more in! Think like a scout and make packing a military operation! packing