A while ago we ran a competition for F1 and Woodlands fans to become bloggers for Silverstone Woodlands during the British Grand Prix in July. There were some brilliant entries which made our job of choosing very difficult! At last we have come to a conclusion and would like to introduce Darren and his team and Stevie. These guys will be giving you their opinions and reviews of everything going on, both here at Woodlands and at the circuit during the event so keep an eye on our facebook page and website to see what they’ve been getting up to over the weekend! Not long to go now!

Darren and Team


“I would say that what we most look forward to, is the excellent friendly vibe around camp. I am yet to find or hear of another place where you can pitch up, relax and know you’re going to have a great time with your neighbours. The camp turns a sporting weekend into an awesome mini break with like minded people all out for a good time. The camp organisers go all out to ensure there is something for everyone. The entertainment in particular gives you that two for one experience, for not only do you get to see a sporting spectacle but being on camp makes you feel you are also at a festival, which is great for me as my Glastonbury days are all but over..! (Missus won’t let me go 😞)

Our group consists of male family members, cousins and brother in laws (the group grows each year due to us raving about the weekend afterwards). Attending this year we have me, I’m the cook in camp because I once had a job washing pots in a Leeds bistro which makes me more than qualified. We have Dave the “ambassador” he takes it upon himself to introduce us all to the neighbours, has to tell them who we are, and what happens when we’ve had a few too many. Don’t worry we are all good fun, any problems speak to him cos he’s in charge and his hangover cures are legendary.

Dan is erm… How do I describe Dan, well let’s just say he was teaching people how to make whale noises outside the petrol head at 1.00am last year, they even went to fetch more beer cos he’s so good (no one else made a whale noise, the nearest one was a dolphin..???)

Newcomer this year is Martin, who is passionate about his camping, he is the leader of the local army cadets therefore thinks we are going to Afgan for a month. You name it he’s packed it. If St Johns ambulance run short, you know who to call.

And last but not least we have Jim, the youngest member otherwise known as Moody Margaret. He has a little wobble now and again (I think because he’s Dave’s son, poor lad). He threw one last year because we said we were walking to the track, let him set off (He’s an eager beaver), but tricked him and rode past him half way on the tractor. But to be fair he has a word with himself then joins in the fun again.”




“Silverstone Woodlands 2012 was not only my first experience of the Formula 1, but my first experience in camping.

I panicked.

“How can I possibly go 5 days without washing my hair?” I asked my husband as we booked the camping tickets. He laughed. “You’ll be fine.” He said. “Look, they have showers on site.” I must admit, I wasn’t sure about the camping. I was worried about the bugs and the mud. I was worried I would be kept awake at night by the wildlife of the farm.

We got to Woodlands on the Thursday and set up our tent. We immediately made friends with the surrounding campers and I quickly found out that Woodlands was not a bad place to be. Even with the torrential rain, we managed to have the time of our lives (top tip – keep your feet dry!).

Particular highlights for me over the last 5 years include meeting Paul Di Resta at the Big Top after he had been interviewed by Tony Jardine in 2013, being able to dance in my snuggie at my first Silent Disco to the sound of Mr Brightside and the surprise of the fun fair when we retuned in 2015.

This year, I am mostly looking forward to having joint BBQs with fellow campers, causing banter with Hamilton fans by wearing my Rosberg hat and discovering what else Woodlands has in store.
After stalking the Silverstone Facebook page I advised 3 different parties on Silverstone Woodlands for their camping venue. One coming all the way from Japan! I cannot wait to show them how amazing Woodlands is.

See you in 2 weeks!”