Tony Hill

Tony hill is an Acoustic guitarist, singer and songwriter based in Milton Keynes. He brings alive his acoustic sound with his heartfelt, honest lyrics and soulful voice, then blows you away with his loop pedal!

Tony’s writing style is modern and fresh with vocals varying from a gravelly to silky smooth tones. In both his live performances and in the album recording, he bares his infectious personality as he pours out his heart and soul.

Tony is set to launch his debut album, H.L.I.O (Happiness Lies in Others) this year. Right from the start, you’ll be hooked and your toes will be tapping along with the catchy opening track ‘Tremor Rock’ with its cool looping blues guitar and strong catchy melody line, you’ll feel ready for summer and festival season in a flash!

This album tells a story of ups and downs in relationships with family and friends and all of life’s tapestry and the importance of being there for those you love. With great heartache comes the most beautiful music and this is shown in Tony’s lyrics.

Keep your eyes peeled for when Tony will be playing- it is not to be missed!

Twitter: @TonyHill80