Silver Tongue Bandoliers

Not your average boy band, Silver Tongue Bandoliers offer sweaty, hairy and sometimes topless live performances, accompanied by songs that are as catchy as STB’s. You’ll enjoy three part harmonies and Funk inspired Rock delivered in a pop flavored package.

Born in the city of roundabouts and concrete cows in 2012 as a three piece, STB have ventured away from the shire of Milton Keynes along the south/south east circuit to great reception, particularly in London.

They’ve seen national radio play in the form of BBC introducing Three Counties as well as played to a 1000+ people at Silverstone Woodlands Official Formula One and Moto GP campsite. However, their biggest claim to fame is that Lewis Hamilton is probably their biggest fan and that they’ve played alongside the Mariachis aka. The Doritos band!

Last year saw STB release a single from their self produced EP “The Tales of Mr Funkyson” (released Feb ’17). They also recorded a professional standard 7 track EP with Runway Studios that will be released this coming summer. Although recently the focus has been on new material, towards the end of last year STB bagged a support slot with “The English Beat” (toured with David Bowie, Police, REM, The Specials) and King Prawn (Kerrang! Best New British Band ’98). With two members currently studying at BIMM, the band are predominantly based in and around Brighton.

If STB’s collective musical tastes were equivalent to the fountain of youth, they would have sucked it dry with bendy straws and are all now aging in reverse. However, particular influences include Prince, Queen, RHCP, Nirvana and Bowie.

“We believe that for creation to be original, inspiration must be unlimited. Welcome to a Silver Tongue state of mind.”